Hi, I'm Dan Fridman

I’m a french bulldog owner and content writer from the Kansas City. I love to write about all things french bulldogs, including their habits, behaviour, and many other topics.

I enjoy getting to know my puppies and learning about their habits and preferences.

I also love the way they cuddle up to me and give me lots of love!

I adopted a black and white female french bulldog and her name is Yuki.

We are 5 years into our relationship as I rescued her from a shelter, but I’ll never forget the moment my heart leapt when she ran up to me at the adoption event!

Yuki was diagnosed with a blocked tear duct, so for about six months we had to deal with eye drops every day. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and has become the funniest, most loving member of the family!

I am also a freelance writer who writes about the latest news and technology.

I hope you enjoy my content and create a better life for you and your French Bulldog!